After years of playing music, mostly solo gigs, Terry realized it was time to get back to his "Musical Roots".  Terry has always remembered the good times he had during his band days with the Grass Roots, and Blue Rose, and the opportunity to get back to those "Roots" has presented itself.  

Terry has put together a group of Professional musicians and they have already had first live performance.  During their rehersal sessions they talked over different band names, and it was one of the members daughter's that came up with a great idea.  Because all of the guys had their formative years "rooted" in music, and later in life pursued various other careers, why not get "Re-Rooted" in their first passion, music. A band name was born!  The music will lean toward the 60's & 70's, with a lot of classics from that era.  You'll hear songs from several of the band members days in Chart Topping groups of that time.  One thing they promise is that it will be high energy fun! 

A lot of things are happening quickly for "Re-Rooted".  After a great show, and an even better reception for the Bands first show on January 11, 2014 at Jersey Lilly's Saloon, interest in the Band has really heated up.

Click here to be re-directed to the "Re-Rooted" website to meet the band, and for a schedule of upcoming events the Band will play, or Terry will be speaking.